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Questions also arise:

  • Is my baby getting enough to eat?

  • How can I tell?

  • Why is my baby fussing?

  • What can the father do to participate in caring for the baby?

  • When should my baby wean?

  • And more.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Breastfeeding is a wonderfully simple and natural process, but families do need support and information on such topics as the positioning of the baby at the breast, working and breastfeeding, avoiding problems, and overcoming any difficulties that may occur.



AHH Babies Leaders have successfully breastfed and have completed LLL's training and accreditation process. Leaders are pleased to volunteer their time to discuss your breastfeeding or related mothering concerns. Leaders are volunteers answering calls from their homes.


Feel free to contact a local AHH Babies Leader with your questions using the information below.

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